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Hi there!

I’m Ben Hudson, a front end web developer living and working in Fleet, Hampshire. I’ve been in the game for about five years, working with multi-national corporations, SMEs, charities and all things in between. I specialise in building completely bespoke responsive WordPress backed websites, hand coded from the ground up. I tweet as @BennyHudson, and I take pictures of my dinner and my cat on Instagram.

So, thanks for stopping by. Make sure that you go and check out my portfolio, and if you want to work together, get in contact – it could be the start of something beautiful.

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My skills & Experience

Freelancing, contracting, permanenting, I’ve done the lot. I’m completely self taught, having been thrown in at the deep end after landing a job at GAME after I graduated that I really wasn’t equipped for. Thankfully, I had a great team around me and a desire to learn as much as I could about HTML, CSS & jQuery. I started out as an assistant online designer, and after a nice promotion, I left my position as the lead online designer to go and work for Electronic Arts. I taught myself more advanced techniques, and started dabbling with more freelance work on the side.

Eventually, my contract at EA came to an end, so I decided to throw myself into freelancing. It went well for a time, and I worked with loads of people and created so much varied stuff I’m really proud of. After about a year, I decided I wanted to go back to full time work, and so got myself a job at Volume. Working with massive clients and huge budgets turned out to not really be my thing, so I quickly moved on to pastures new, and now I’m proud to be the Digital Director at Brandtastic, working in a close knit team with awesome projects and total autonomy. Just how I like it.