The best part of web development is that every single project is different. Every time I start on a new site, I know that there’s going to be something different in there that I’ve never done before.

It could be something really simple, or it could be something extremely complex. Either way though, it makes the project more interesting, knowing that there’s going to be a challenge somewhere that I’m going to have to overcome.

The great thing is that no matter what the issue, there’s someone out there that’s encountered the same issue before. Stack Overflow is a huge part of overcoming issues, and the community that’s involved in web development is vibrant and helpful.

That’s one of the reasons that I love working in an agency, there’s always something different and I’m always learning. I’ve worked in-house before, and in a large agency where projects last forever and it just never really suited me. GAME was great because I was a new developer, and it gave me a great grounding, but EA was never quite right because it was just a churn. Make the same page over and over again.

Finding the time

One of the issues that I have at the moment is that we are always so busy that R&D time is seriously reduced, so anything I want to learn has to be done in my own time. Right now, I’m trying to take my first tentative steps into app development, and I really want to start working with a CMS that isn’t WordPress – probably Craft.

I’m going to try and set aside maybe one evening a week to properly sit down and just build something I’ve never done before. I guess 99% of developers have the exact same thought, and I’d imagine that very few of us ever actually get round to it, but if I’m not constantly challenging myself and learning, why bother being in this industry?